Semester 5 details:

Venue: Husseini Islamic Centre Hujjat Imambargha, Stanmore
Time: Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 8pm-10pm typically however check below for week by week times.

Tues 25th Sept
Tues 2nd Oct
Wed 10th Oct
Wed 17th Oct
Wed 31st Oct
Tues 13th Nov
Tues 20th Nov
Tues 27th Nov
Tues 11th Dec
Tues 18th Dec

  • First 3 sessions to finish the topic of Ma’ad within the Islamic Belief System literature. 
  • The remaining 7 sessions on Imamah with a focus on Imam Mahdi (ajfs)
    • 1st session: Imamah in general; proof, conditions etc.
    •  2nd: focus on Imam Mahdi ajfs. from Sunni and Shia hadeeth
    • 3rd: movement/uprising, (before and after dhuhoor)
    • 2 or 3 sessions on: taa’ah/obedience I.e. what it requires of us today, Mahabbah and the idea of social wilayah.
  • Upon completing the Aqaid semesters a certificate from the Hawza Ilmiya of England
  • Second session of the classes will cover Qawaid Fiqhiyya (Jurisprudential Maxims)


The Maxim of Purity
The Maxim of the Muslim Market
The Maxim of the Principle of Validity
The Maxim of Not Repeating
The Maxim of the Accessible
The Maxim of Finishing & The Maxim of Passing
The Maxim of Seizing
The Maxim of Deception
The Maxim of the Cause
The Maxim of No Harm
The Maxim of Averting Hardship
The Maxim of Drawing Lots
The Maxim of the Marriage Bed
The Maxim of Binding
The Maxim of Possession
The Maxim of Control